Because protecting alone is no longer enough.

Our reforestation project.

The 1+1 principle.

With every product sold we plant a tree. So simple, so effective. We work together with the renowned reforestation network Eden Projects: every month we donate a percentage of our sales and receive a detailed report on where the trees were planted and how they help people and nature.

Where is the planting?

In addition to smaller projects in Nepal and Haiti, the majority of our support goes to the reforestation of mangroves in Madagascar. A mangrove binds an average of 300kg of CO2 - this corresponds to the emissions of a car journey from Stockholm to Rome! They also act as an important coastal protection system: they prevent land from being eroded and washed into the ocean. This way more fertile land is preserved and the extent of natural disasters such as tsunamis can be reduced. The mangroves also help to protect the 200,000 animal and plant species that are found nowhere else in the world. Many of them are threatened with extinction.

What we've achieved together so far

2,617,310 Trees
planted in Madagascar
26,173 Working Days
created for the local people
32,192 t CO2/year

Before that.

A look to Villamatsu (Madagascar) shows what we can change together. There 90% of the mangrove forests have already been cleared. Eden Projects employs the poorest local people and gives them and nature a perspective again.


The result is impressive. Climate researchers have proven that mangroves are among the most efficient CO2-bonds. Most of the CO2 the tropical coastal trees store in the ground at a depth of up to 3 metres.

Our partner

We have been looking for a long time for a partner who brings transparency and the necessary know-how. Eden Projects is a globally active, experienced NGO that understands how to help sustainably by employing local people and managing afforested areas on a long-term basis.