My way from engineering studies to the nu company founder

After Christian and Thomas (co-founders of the nu company) have already presented their start-up story, I am very happy to share my little story with you - my way to the nu company.

The beginning of the beginning

My journey begins very, very early in my life - and with quite a challenge: As a baby, my mom unfortunately couldn't breastfeed me, which gave me quite a stomach ache and my parents a screamer for many months. However, breast milk is essential and irreplaceable for developing a strong immune system. Without breast milk, not a particularly great immune system - a very simple equation. So this was the beginning of a long journey through numerous medical and alternative practitioner practices well into my youth.

The wisdom of Winston Churchill

In my youth I read a speech at school by Sir Winston Churchill, who had already grown very old: Many hundreds of distinguished people were invited. Churchill limped slowly to the lectern and looked into the crowd. Everyone was eagerly awaiting the words of this historical figure. And he began his speech with the words, "Never, never, never, never give up." And... that was it! He looked into the audience for a few more seconds and left the stage again, which did not exactly inspire enthusiasm in the majority of those present. But the message arrived after a while - also with me. For him it was always the most important thing to simply never give up - no matter how hopeless the situation might be. This insight was deeply engraved in my pubescent character, which was very receptive at the time.

Taking health into your own hands

I noticed early on that many people do not have much idea of what you were trying to teach me about health. At some point it dawned on me that I had to take the issue into my own hands and make my health my top priority. So I devoured many books on alternative healing methods and nutritional physiology and tried just about every therapy and form of nutrition there was. My friends and relatives often only shook their heads when they saw what I was preparing. My stubbornness, however, prevented me from deviating even an inch from my path. This often meant taking detours at first, but only in this way could I find the best way of life for myself. Today I finally feel really good through vegan nutrition, intermittent fasting and regular sport. So this certainly has to do with these topics - but not only. A big part was certainly also that I had found a project in nucao for which I was more passionate than for any other project before.

Additional training and healthy chocolate

Last but not least, I could not avoid training as a non-medical practitioner, without which I would not have had access to the really exciting seminars in medicine and nutritional science. But maybe it was precisely this combination of medicine light and the Aachen School of Engineering that laid the foundations for optimized and healthy chocolate 😉. In any case, this time has taught me stamina, resilience and stubbornness - all important basic ingredients for the recipe of nucao.

The brilliant idea

Still half stunned in my free thinking and creativity by my studies, a combination of an earlier birthday present and the terrible English food finally helped to get the idea off the ground. The impulse for nucao came from my girlfriend at the time, who melted my favourite chocolate for my birthday and refined it with some nuts and berries. This idea, together with a portion of hemp seeds, was later to become the basis for the first nucao recipe. After we had collected an extra portion of founder motivation in lectures on start-ups and foundation management in Aachen, we were ready for our big adventure: the foundation of a food start-up.

With this combination of cornerstones in my life, I was sure I had found my way into the nu company. Deeply green behind our ears, but highly motivated to put our principles and values into products, we plunged into the founding adventure at the beginning of 2016 with the outcome: UNGEWISS.

Looking back, we were incredibly naive in many ways at the beginning and made a hell of a lot of mistakes. But this actionism also helped us in the early phase of the foundation to overlook the one or other doubter and just keep on going. In the meantime, we have experienced really hard times and have often reached our mental and physical limits. Whether I ever thought about the more relaxed and better paid job as an engineer of a well-known German company while rinsing the nucao moulds for hours - sure. And in difficult hours, the comparison, quite frankly, really hurt. But even when the water was up to my neck, I never thought about giving up. I am sure that the old Winston would have gone through nucao and today the nu company. 😉