"We want every peep at the till to be a signal for a healthier, greener world."

How to do it

We believe that positive consumption is possible. In our new Impact Report, we show you what we are doing to achieve this and where we can do even better. From the cocoa beans to our production and the reforestation project.


We're looking for levers,
to ensure healthy eating
and a sustainable lifestyle
as many people as possible
to simplify.



By engineers
to Chocolatiers.

We, Mathias, Thomas and Christian are fully on course for a career in engineering. Until we want to counteract the sugary and artificial snacks in the library with a chocolate do-it-yourself set in our shared kitchen...


Then do
...we do it ourselves.

Our recipe is innovative. "Genius" we say, "naive" the chocolate makers. Too many hemp seeds & nuts. Compromises on the product are not an option - so we open our own factory in Dresden. Right from the start we focus on organic and a plastic-free packaging - at that time with a cumbersome (but fancy!) cardboard case due to a lack of alternatives.


Off green
becomes climate-positive.

The first year is over - we gain a foothold in the first organic food stores. We can no longer cope with the production and finally find a partner in Germany. Even more importantly, we are entering into a partnership with Eden Projects and are anchoring the "1 product = 1 tree" principle in our business model.


From nucao to
the nu company.

The team is growing - and so is the product range. In a crazy crowdfunding campaign, we win a shelf listing with dm with our half-finished product nupro. The lighthouse nucao gets competition and we enter new dimensions of delivery quantities.


Go big
or go home.

We are finally realising that a lot has happened in recent years - but not in the food industry. We postulate our goal of 1 billion trees by 2030 and go on the offensive - with more products, larger partners and a motivated team of now over 50 people.

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