Doers and shakers: Steve makes fair clothes for a fair world

Steve is actually a trained physicist and had his doctorate in his pocket when he decided to print cool scientific motifs on sustainable t-shirts. In the meantime, he has opened not just one, but two stores in Dresden. But how does one get from a doctorate to fashion and where does Steve get his motivation from?

We met him for our doer campaign for an interview in one of his Unipolar shops in the middle of Dresden's Neustadt. Many people from Dresden have probably walked past the old bathtub bench, which is right in front of the shop and invites you to take a short break.

Today, the shop itself is no longer just the place where the printed scientific motifs hang - Steve has created a great place to go with Unipolar for sustainable basics and special, fairly produced garments.

From physics doctor to fashion label

With this he breaks the cliché of the nerdy scientist, because he is - on the contrary - a rather casual and easy-going guy. Long before he founded his own label, he started to deal with healthy nutrition, went shopping more and more in the organic market and started to eat vegan food. Once into the subject, he wanted to know more and more where the products he surrounds himself with every day came from. And that's how he ended up with the topic of clothing - and with the question: what am I actually wearing on my skin?

Good working conditions and fair wages

When considering the implementation, it was clear to him from the very beginning: if the motifs are printed, then only on fairly produced clothing. But not only that, the T-shirts should of course also meet an aesthetic standard, because organic doesn't have to be simple. To implement his ideas, he started a crowdfunding campaign - and it was very successful.

The products are manufactured in Bangladesh, where the workers have fair pay, regular working hours and good working conditions. Steve chose Bangladesh to strengthen the local economy and improve working conditions. The motifs will then be printed directly in Dresden. By the way, some time ago our nu company sweaters were also sold here, because fair fashion is at least as important to us as sustainable bars and protein shakes.

Actually, Steve only wanted to open an online shop in September 2015 where he could sell T-shirts and hoodies with scientific motifs. So much more has become of it! The two shops are now well filled - with all kinds of beautiful and sustainable things, but also with many people who value sustainability. A sign that Steve has probably done everything right with his decision to start his own fashion label!