Green giants - Why we plant trees of all things

We are facing what may be the greatest crisis in human history. Climate change, which we are massively promoting, threatens our livelihood: the planet we live on. More and more forests are disappearing on earth - and with them habitats for humans and animals. So what can we do to reverse these developments? Our answer is: planting trees! In this blog post you will learn why we decided to do so and what positive influence trees have on the life of humans and animals and the earth in general.

Since 2018 we have been planting a tree for every product sold. To achieve this, we work together with one of the most successful non-profit reforestation networks in the world -  Eden Reforestation Projectswith which, for example, the search engine Ecosia plants their trees. Eden Projects is based in California and has several reforestation projects in Haiti, Nepal and Madagascar. These are funded by a wide range of donors, including both individuals and companies who have chosen to use reforestation to make a lasting positive difference in the world. As banal as the question may sound: Why have trees usurped the image of world saviors? Surely you know the reason #1 - but what about trees as disaster protectors and employers? Here we go:

#1 Trees bind greenhouse gases

Surprise! Okay, that was predictable - but it's always important to remember that. The fact is that it is not enough to cut our emissions in order to counteract climate change. At the same time, we must ensure that carbon dioxide (CO2) that has already been released is re-captured. Trees do this virtually on the side. During photosynthesis (remember biology lessons?) plants and trees absorb CO2. They then produce new biomass and release oxygen (O2).

#2 Trees mitigate the effects of natural disasters

The majority of the areas we reforest are located in coastal regions, which act as a natural barrier to protect the interior from natural disasters such as tsunamis and floods. They prevent land from being eroded and washed into the ocean. In this way more fertile land is preserved and the extent of natural disasters can be reduced. In concrete terms, this means that a stable coastal protection system also helps to protect human life.

Events from the past show how important the influence of trees is on the lives of people. In the winter of 2004, for example, numerous mangroves along the coast of the Indian Ocean were cleared to make way for shrimp farming. Then, in December, a terrible tsunami caused over 350 000 deaths because there were no trees that could have contained the tsunami's impact on the country. And this is just one example of many.

#3 Trees preserve biodiversity

Where forests are created, sustainable habitats are created for countless endangered species. Every fourth mammal is now one of them. Chameleons in Madagascar or tigers in Nepal are dependent on the restoration of the forest, without which they are defenceless against the advancing death of their species.

After all, humanity has caused the greatest global extinction of species since the disappearance of the dinosaurs through rainforest deforestation and climate change. As a result, 150 animal and plant species are becoming extinct every day - forever. We would like to counteract this development and together give the animal species native to the forests their habitat back.

#4 Trees increase soil fertility

Not only the animal kingdom benefits from reforestation - almost 90 percent of all people living in extreme poverty depend on the forest for their livelihood. They obtain food and water primarily from the surrounding rainforests, which are, however, constantly being cleared for timber and pasture land. The deforested areas are only productive for a short time. What remains are infertile soils and low groundwater levels, while reforestation provides for a long-term enhancement of the soil, the possibility of logging and agriculture. This will provide a sustainable basis of existence for future generations.

#5 Trees promote social development

However, reforestation alone is not always enough to offer ways out of poverty. Therefore our partner Eden Projects offers the local population, most of whom live in extreme poverty, to plant and care for the trees, and pays them a fair wage. This gives them a secure existence and enables them to pay for their children's school fees.

With more than 3,500 workers, each of whom has to support an average of five family members, this means more than 17,500 people who are being helped out of their plight. And they are helped sustainably. Because the coming generations will be able to free themselves from their situation thanks to the education that can now be financed.

As you can see, trees are real all-rounders! Not only are they climate savers, but they also prevent further extinction of species, reduce the extent of natural disasters and offer people a sustainable place to live. What more could you want? Take part! With your help we can plant not only a few trees, but whole forests and save human lives! Because with every product nucao bar and everyone nupro shakethat you buy from us, we plant a tree in places that can really benefit from it.