Doers and shakers: How Berit improves the world with her shop

Do you also know those people who just go ahead and do things differently? Who tackle to make the world a little bit better and don't let anything or anyone stop them? In order to bring inspiration and more doer spirit into the world, we want to introduce such people to you in our blog. In our small "Doers" series you will get to know people who inspire, encourage and inspire - with ideas for a life of tomorrow. And who knows - maybe you will soon be one of them?

The very first step into Berit Heller's shop makes it clear: she likes it plastic-free and unpackaged. After being stuck in an office job for more than 20 years, she decided to take matters into her own hands four years ago, started crowdfunding and opened her own unpackaged shop shortly afterwards.

An atmosphere to feel good

The loose shop is filled with large containers, there are glasses on the shelves everywhere and right next to the entrance there is a cosy sitting area. Berit's Lose Shop not only invites you to browse, but also to linger. 

The owner welcomes each of her customers with a friendly chat, makes coffee on the side and fills it joyfully into the returnable cup brought along by one of her customers. She is a warm woman and welcomes everyone with openness. One feels welcome here. 

In her green heart lies the motivation to save the world, she says, and with the founding of her grocery store, she has fully committed herself to this cause. She likes to tackle things herself, jumping from the counter to the bottled food and arranging even the small details in the lottery shop by herself. 

What exactly is the Loose Store?

The concept of their store is quite simple: instead of buying packaged food, each customer simply brings their own container. There are no limits to creativity: People come to the store with glass bottles, cans and cloth bags to do their bit for the environment. 

Because every German produces an average of 120 kg of waste per year alone. That is approximately the weight of a newborn elephant. If you consciously pay attention to this in the supermarket, you will soon realize that the possibilities of shopping without plastic are extremely limited. No matter if it's packed noodles or cucumbers in plastic foil, in the conventional shops the garbage literally piles up on the shelves. 

At Berit, the world of consumption is turning somewhat more slowly. She loves our planet and would like to save everything on it - except for the people, as she admits with a little smile on her lips, because they don't treat our planet in a particularly sustainable way at the moment.

It sees its task not only in giving people the opportunity to shop without packaging in the first place, but also wants to be an inspiration for a more mindful life. For her, this includes the origin of her food, which she obtains almost exclusively regionally and from organic production, a good work-life balance and awareness of our environment. 

The concept seems to work: Meanwhile, the lottery store is so well attended on Saturdays that you can hardly speak a word. And the move to a larger shop area is scheduled for the end of the year. A great thing, because with the store grows the number of people who are interested in and committed to sustainability and environmental protection. 

This is exactly where Berit sees her future. Her goal is to continue to stand in her unpackaged shop, to make her customers happy and to give them a good feeling while they shop. Because this is exactly how she inspires, makes people think and carries an important message to the world: sustainable and unpackaged can be pretty cool.